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Tracy Baranauskas high-fiving young client

Are you thinking about making some changes in your life but don’t know where to begin?  Maybe you would like to start a new business, change careers, enhance your relationships, improve your health, find new love, or something else? 

Perhaps you are unhappy with an area of your life but are not sure what direction you want to go in.  Or maybe you know exactly what you want but for some reason keep procrastinating and putting off taking the steps necessary to reach your goals.

If this sounds like you, then I can help! I am Personal Development Coach Tracy Baranauskas. As your coach, I will provide you with the support, encouragement and guidance needed to move forward.

I firmly believe that we were all born with unique gifts and talents and we have a responsibility to use them.  When we don’t, we often feel discontented and unhappy.  However, when we utilize our strengths and live to full potential, we feel alive, energized and fulfilled in our purpose!

Personal development coaching can take you above and beyond your own limitations!  Often, when people struggle to achieve their goals, they don’t realize what is getting in their way. As your coach, I will offer an unbiased and objective perspective to help you understand your patterns and habits. Then, I will help you make changes when necessary so your patterns and habits better align with what you want.

During the coaching process, I will help you to gain clarity and create a very specific vision for your life, identify and eliminate obstacles, and develop an action plan to assure success.

Click here to learn more about the coaching process and receive some answers to commonly asked questions.

It is time to live a life full of joy, passion and purpose!   

"Sometimes we all need a coach! I'd never sought a counselor or coach before, but when my job was suddenly eliminated, I knew I needed guidance in my next career search. Tracy is patient and supportive. She doesn't push; she encourages. Her insights helped me refine my career goals. I'm very happy that our paths crossed. I look forward to keeping in touch as I start my new career."  Kelly D.