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Inspiration for the New Year!

Develop a Strong Vision to Motivate and Inspire You

January 6, 2018, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Cost:  $150 (includes lunch and all workshop materials)

Register:  Complete the contact me form Here and make payment Here   


2018 is a blank slate waiting for you to make your mark on it!  It’s like an unwritten book, every page is blank and ready for you to create your story.

Join us for this exciting workshop designed to help you develop a strong vision for the new year that will motivate and inspire you! First, Certified Life Coach Tracy Baranauskas will guide you through exercises that will give you the clarity and focus you need to develop your 2018 goals. Then, you will create a vision board that will provide a daily reminder of what you want for your life, help you stay on track and pull you towards your dreams.

If you have not practiced visualization in the past, you will be amazed at how powerful this success strategy can be!

Visualization accelerates achievement by activating the creative powers of your subconscious mind to create solutions for achieving your goals.  As your brain becomes laser focused on letting into your awareness anything that will help you accomplish your goals, new levels of motivation are formed. Then, as your positive energy increases, the people, resources and opportunities you need to reach your aspirations will be attracted directly to you!

Give yourself the gift of inspiration and jump-start your goals for the new year!  Lunch and all materials will be provided, so all you will need to bring with you is an open-mind and a desire to create the life you deserve!



You've Got This!

Learn to Create Habits that Stick

woman jogging

January 27, 2018, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Cost:  $150 (includes lunch and all workshop materials)

Register:  Complete the Contact Me Form Here and Make Payment Here 


It's a new year and time to create the life you want!  Make 2018 your best year ever!

It’s not that you don’t know what to do. You probably know a lot about how to lose weight, exercise, sleep better and get organized.  You also know that if you do these things, your life will be better.  You will be healthier and feel more energized, confident and productive.

However, if you are like most people, you undoubtedly find it difficult to create positive habits that last more than a few weeks or break habits that do not serve you well.  The truth is, experts often provide a “one size fits all” approach to habit formation, yet people respond differently to internal and external expectations. You must learn what process works best for you to be successful.

In this life-changing workshop, you will explore your unique disposition and natural tendencies to develop a better understanding of why certain habit-forming approaches work better than others for you.  Then, you will learn a variety of strategies that will be tailored to your individual personality.

At the completion of this workshop, you will be equipped with a practical plan to finally achieve the lasting results you desire. When you can successfully create habits that support the life you want, you will feel happier, stronger and in control of your future!